RF Drone Services

High-resolution imagery, video and data for analysis, surveying, mapping and customized aerial services

Our FAA licensed pilots/engineers utilize industry leading hardware, software and unique regulatory expertise to provide data & analysis for your projects.

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Ground vs. Air

Services with a bird’s eye view

Drones provide data which would otherwise be impossible to gather from traditional ground-based surveys. Drones can be used in place of tower climbing and cranes, increasing safety, efficiency and time to completion of services.

Using drones, our existing engineering service offerings are enhanced by providing accurate real time data for use in analysis and site related decisions. Our FAA licensed and insured pilots can deliver drone services anywhere in the US, specializing in telecommunications projects.

Drone Service Offerings


  • Aerial Site Surveys
  • Microwave Path Line of Sight Verification
  • Microwave Path Flashing
  • Horizon View for RF Coverage
  • 3D Site & Tower Models
  • Preconstruction Visualization with CAD Import/Export
  • Tower Inspection & Asset Inventory
  • Secured Cloud Based Customer Portal for Deliverables